3631 Pacific Coast Highway

Torrance, California  90505


Hours of Recovery

M-Th  - 10am-7pm

Fri - 10am-5pm

Sat & Sun - 11am-3pm

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At Beach Cities Cryo we are former athletes and weekend warriors who like to push our bodies, but don't like pain and soreness.  So we looked at several of the more progressive types of recovery modalities and decided it would be nice if they were all offered at the same place.  We incorporate many of the newer forms of recovery methods, ranging from cold, heat, compression, to massage therapy.  All of these modalities can be used to alleviate pain, reduce recovery times, and improve the overall quality of life.



We are more than just a business.  We are a community of people that is interested in living longer, better, and stronger. Our goal is to be instrumental in helping people maximize their ability to live life to its fullest while minimizing the pain, soreness, and recovery time associated with it - continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.